We have over 20 years of commercial design and branding experience, with clients from the very small, to huge multi-nationals with jobs from the sublime to the ridiculous. Yet we have never encountered two jobs the same, and the thrill remains. While design is by its very nature subjective, a quality design goes beyond the medium, be it online via a screen or a business card, and communicates a clear visual message.

commercial web development

While online applications and websites require a great deal of technology to operate, and there would be no web without it, we feel that technology should be an enabler, not the goal of a website. Over the last 14 years of building commercial websites we have noticed that it is customers and users that make a successful site and how businesses work with customers has changed forever, just as it did with mass media before the internet.

Much like good design, a quality web site shines though, regardless of size or complexity; it has clear purpose and function, it is easy to use, it makes visual sense, doesn't let users make mistakes and it does all this within a standards based environment (XHTML, CSS). We use open source tools and systems; Drupal as an Application Framework and CMS with Magento for enterprise commerce.

email templates and campaigns

Email newsletters and campaigns complete the communication loop missing from traditional mass media, it is now possible for customers and businesses to be much more involved. And we hate spam, just as much you do, but we also enjoy getting special deals from Macpac and finding out about the latest gizmo from Apple, all providing we have said so, therefore we only work with clients who have permission based lists, or can help clients to build their own.

community video

In 2002, with the assistance of a generous government research grant, we began a wonderful and exciting journey into online video, we now specialise mostly in community video sites, much like youtube, just without the multi-million dollar budget!